Rogers I Hate You

By Lawrence

Okay. You said you are going to upgrade my internet access speed during the day.


I asked, "How long would it take?"

The other side, "5 to 10 minutes, then you will experience a boost in performance."

I said, "Okay. Let’s do it then."

My biggest f$#king mistake so far in all the things I remember that I screwed up over the past 2 months.

My internet was gone. Then it never came back.

Waited 30 minutes. Nothing back online. I called and waited forever. Finally got someone on the phone and then switched me to at least 3 other places before I landed to the right place. Struggled with the tech staff forever and no cigar.

Was told that I have to wait for another 30 minutes or so. They will escalate the issue and have it resolved quickly.

I am a very patient person so I waited. Hours passed and nothing back online.

Market closed and I already called my brokerage to make sure all orders are cancelled and my day trade position is stopped out. I told myself, "At least one thing settled and not messed up."

More calls made. No results.

Was asked to replace my perfectly working cable modem (at least right before they disconnected me) at a nearby Rogers store. Their computer system at the store is not functional and the replacement cable modem has to be activated by phone …

At least 8 hours wasted, a trip to their store, and finally I have internet access again.

At this point I am very curious – the supposed top of their line internet access speed of 150 Mbps … is it really what I am getting?

The answer is no.

I checked the speed and I am not getting the speed boost I thought I am getting at all.  I am not getting even close to HALF the claimed speed. I am very disappointed.

So those of you living in Canada who have no choice but forced to use Rogers Cable Internet – you are now warned.


  • MidKnight October 23, 2012 at 9:59 pm

    I feel for ya Lawrence. Maybe it is some consolation to remember that we’ve probably all been there. Similar things happen down here in New Zealand too. The bigger the company, the worse the customer service when anything non-standard happens.

    Regarding the speed issue, down here they make their speed claims based on what you can get through to their core network. This does NOT translate into what speeds you can get from normal usage, in which you will be traveling through the core network out into the real i-world. I’ve always felt they advertise it deceitfully as they never mention that part in their marketing…..

    At least you got Internet back, now you just have the “joys” of getting the speed/costing adjusted…..ugggggg Good luck!

  • smfb6 March 20, 2014 at 4:27 pm

    Haha. Funny you should mention Rogers Cable Lawrence. I used them in the mid 2000’s when I was living downtown because there was only Bell and Rogers at the time with ‘hi-speed’. I chose Rogers because Bell would’ve had to charge me an additional fee for the dry loop. What a mistake as their ‘superior’ cable technology would go down requently for no apparent reason.

    Once I actually caught their own techs in the back laneway doing work for three days straight. Guess what, my internet dropped all three days at approximately the same times. I called them but they kept denying that any work was done and I was not interrupted. How nice of them to tell me that I was lying. That did it for me and I have never used any Rogers services since, be it cable TV, Wireless nor internet. I switched to Bell as they were willing to work with me on the dry loop charge. Screw Rogers and everything that looks like them!

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