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WTF Chart of the Day: Is Google Doing Apple Meltdown

By Lawrence

What happened to Apple back in year 2012 below. Is Google doing the same? If so, is it going to be like the first red down arrow or the 2nd one on the Apple chart? The difference can be deadly for some hedge funds.

Talking About Irresponsibility

By Lawrence

Well, Apple and Samsung are the only smartphone makers making money at all, http://news.yahoo.com/apple-samsung-combined-pull-100-mobile-profits-q1-220049485.html My question is – why the hell the other companies like Nokia, BlackBerry, HTC, etc. even try to make smartphones at this point? The management of these other smartphone companies are as irresponsible as the fund managers who keep failing to […]

Apple Getting A Buy Signal From Non Other Than GS

By Lawrence

Taken off preferred list? http://news.yahoo.com/goldman-takes-apple-stock-off-preferred-list-190919393.html As we all know GS market calls are almost always oppose to what their prop desk does. And their prop desk has been contributing significantly to the firm’s earnings all these years. So, if it is not a stealth buy signal, I don’t know what it is.

Apple End of Day 800K Shares Dump

By Lawrence

Right before US stock market was about to close on Jan 26, 2013, a huge block of Apple shares was dumped. We are not talking about 10K, 50K or even 100K block. We are talking about 800K shares of Apple got dumped at close. So what happened? Why the rest of the stock market keep […]

Estimate Of Volume Affected By The Sudden Margin Increase On Apple Inc.

By Lawrence

I posted in my real-time chat yesterday in the morning that the sudden margin increase on Apple will force a significant amount of stocks to be liquidated and that amount can be estimated. It is not a straight forward formula. Instead we can approach that with classic chart pattern. Volume exhaustion on a selloff is […]

What’s Next For Apple Inc.

By Lawrence
Apple Daily_20121205_220258

My last piece on Apple was posted several months ago here. Several projections materialized after it was published: 1. For a potential false breakout, Apple will be capped by approx. 5% above the May high. Apple was capped there for a month before the news driven extra rush to $700. 2. Green support trend line […]

Bearish Outlook In Apple Inc. And Its Implications On Broad Market Indices

By Lawrence
Apple Daily_20120817_112706

Apple Inc. (AAPL) is challenging the current year high at $644 area today. A review of its daily chart is in order to give us a proper perspective on what to look for in the coming months. After all, AAPL is the main driver of the two major stock market indices, S&P 500 and Nasdaq […]