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Social Trading: Caveat Emptor

By Lawrence

I wrote about social trading several weeks ago and some readers would like to know my objective take on this trading style. I do not expect that there are so many people interested in the subject. I am posting my first impression here since I have already tried out several brokerages offering the service. Bottom […]

Index Trading Comparison: CFD, ETF or Index Future

By Lawrence
Alphabet Blocks

Anyone interested in trading the stock market indices have to choose among many alternatives available nowadays. Finding out the specific financial instrument that is best to trade with can be difficult. After all, who would have imagine that index trading has become such a big hit among the trading instruments. Currently, there are three most […]

Day Trading Income Potential For Forex Traders and CFD Traders

By Lawrence

"How much money will I make trading Forex?" is the question I am going to answer in this article. I have posted another article, Position Sizing For Forex Traders and CFD Traders, that serves as the basis on the position sizing that will be used in this article. If you find that the assumptions in […]

Position Sizing For Forex Traders and CFD Traders

By Lawrence

Unlike trading index future contracts or commodity future contracts having a steep margin requirement and higher minimum account size across the board, forex trading (and CFD trading) can be done with very small size account. I am not talking about the ability to go for 200 times leverage. I am talking about the flexibility the […]