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MBO Issue 59 (Nov 2016) Special Update 2

By Lawrence
MarketBiasObserver Special Update

Dec 1st, 2016 special update on stock market, bond and crude oil.   (premium member only content below)  

Where is Crude Oil Heading According to STOPD?

By Lawrence

Following is the weekly crude oil chart with STOPD levels marked. 1. The importance of year 2012 – it is an inside year and historically for most commodities, you get 2x its range once you get a clean breakout. This is straight of out STOPD 2. Red down arrow marks the False Breakout on the […]

A More Acceptable Form of Alternative Fuel Is Finally Allowed

By Lawrence

After so many years of big oil companies suppressing alternative energy initiatives through dirty politics, buyouts and probably borderline criminal means, now this technology to turn water and carbon dioxide into synthetic petroleum is “allowed” to be introduced to the world. Source: Sunfire GmbH/R. Deutscher For more info, http://www.cnet.com/news/miracle-tech-turns-water-into-fuel/ The big question that no one […]

Daily Cheatsheets for Crude Oil and Other Markets

By Lawrence

To answer the requests for daily cheatsheets on crude oil and other markets, I need more input from those who are interested in them. The main issue with crude is that the front month / most active contract do not always stay the same from year to year. It is the very natural of commodities […]

China Finally Discloses Its Petroyuan Intention

By Lawrence

As I reported back in late September, China mentioned the potential of having an oil future exchange in the Free Trade Zone in Shanghai. Now it is a confirmed threat in competing against the US exchanges with the crude oil contracts potentially priced in yuan. http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/11/21/china-crudeoil-idUSL4N0J62M120131121 Here comes the petroyuan dynasty.

Fundamental Change In The Oil Market (And Other Markets) Are Coming

By Lawrence

China announced its aggressive plan of the Free Trade Zone (FTZ) in Shanghai today. The zoning of FTZ was approval back in July but no details were available at the time what the plan entails. More details are now disclosed with the announcement this time. Key activities allowed in FTZ: 1. Foreign entities will be […]

Crude Oil Outlook

By Lawrence

Daily chart on crude. I marked the first quarter STOPD Levels. If there is a 3rd push back up, it will be back up to 107-107.5 where the 1st quarter low is. It is not a long term bullish play. Instead, this 3rd push up is a short term counter-trend swing play.