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WTF Chart of The Day: Amazon, Boeing and Goldman

By Lawrence

Charts that will likely play a big role in the 2nd half of this year. All charts marked with 2013 STOPD levels with the usual expansions. Amazon Classic 20% reversal from a blow-off top in place. Just like what happened to Apple all over again – trigger, outcome and eventual buy signal.   Boeing Added […]

Now We Know Who Bought Gold All The Way Down To Force A Bottom Earlier This Year

By Lawrence

Well, while Paulson was forced to sell 1/2 of his gold position, someone took the other side. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2013-08-30/guess-which-bearish-bank-bought-record-amount-gld-q2 My previous piece on gold is correct that the last down leg was forced. Now we have the complete answer on who took the other side. When you have enough capital to corner a market, this is […]

Supervision failures – can we believe that?

By Lawrence

CFTC came out with this press release on Goldman Sachs failed to oversight one of its traders in accumulating an $8.3 billion worth of emini S&P contracts back in late Dec 2007. As reported in the PR, Goldman took a loss of over $118 million in unwinding the position. The whole situation described sounds extremely […]