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MBO Issue 116 (August 2021) Will Fed Do the Right Thing

By Lawrence

Content Review Euro Weekly Down Trend Intact S&P Drifting Higher With Serious Downside Risk Gold Weekly Compression In Place Bitcoin Daily Up Trend In Place 10-Year Note Yield Yearly STOPD Level Support Big Picture Summary Review Euro depressed by the previous weekly up channel bottom as expected. VIX volatility indeed jumped and VIX put options […]

When Does Financial Reporting Become Reading Tea Leaves?

By Lawrence

Here it is, http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/economics/9855413/Mark-Carneys-already-worried-about-inflation-thats-what-his-body-language-says.html What is the point of knowing what Mark Carney’s body language is saying? Does that really matter? By the time he is heading Bank of England the scenario may change so much that what he thinks now no longer matters. Maybe people glazing is just another British tradition like the royal […]