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Investment Outlook 2019 According to STOPD

By Lawrence

Here is the PowerPoint version of my Jan 7, 2019 live presentation at Rotary Club Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong meeting. Some of the key points in the video that need more explanation are related to the forecasts I made with STOPD on various markets: Hong Kong Real Estate – expect at least 2 to 3 […]

Long Term Investing Is a Sucker’s Game

By Lawrence

A friend introduced me to his long time buddy who is considering retirement now. We have an interesting talk over the evening and I have learned some very disturbing development in the financial industry. This is not a good sign for people who consider themselves conservative investors. A Lifetime Saver This new friend of mine […]

Catch Up, Orderly Mess and Alternative Investments

By Lawrence

Trying to catch up with emails, projects and everyday task over the past few days. Learned a few things from the experience. They are quite funny. First, failing to clean up inbox for more than a week means many hours of work. Just identifying and deleting the spams already took hours. I did not know […]

Global Top in Real Estate Markets

By Lawrence

Many people who invest in real estates including majority of the people in the industry think that they can see the trend. In other words, they think they know where the price for certain region of properties will go in coming 6 to 9 months. In reality, research shows such belief is not true at […]

Demand for Alternative Investments

By Lawrence
Prints available for sale

While dealing with my chaotic quest of relocation, I got the chance to talk to several ex-clients turning into personal friends from my hedge fund days. It is interesting that many of these seasoned investors are quite worrisome about the future outlook for return on investments. Their point of views are both insightful and interesting. […]

Pat Dorsey: The Little Book that Builds Wealth

By Lawrence

Thoughtful talk by Pat Dorsey on value investing. It is a long talk at 1 hour 10 minutes. The concept of moat is very interesting and it can help to expand why some businesses can perform better in the long run. You can get the book The Little Book that Builds Wealth from Amazon.

Mark Yusko on Investing

By SushiBunny
Mark Yusko on Investing

Investing is the only business I know that when things go on sale, people run out of the store. – Mark Yusko Embed This Image In Your Site (copy code below): Mark Yusko on Investing by DaytradingBias.com