"Meditation" Posts

Sara Lazar: How Meditation Can Reshape Our Brains

By Lawrence

Ms. Lazar is a neuroscientist. It is reasonable that she casts doubt about meditation and its benefits. Here is her take on meditation. Several readers asked about the specifics of mediation that I practice. I am not a trainer of any kind of meditation techniques thus my experience may not be the best guide you […]

Andy Puddicombe: All It Takes Is 10 Mindful Minutes

By Lawrence

Andy Puddicombe, a former Buddhist monk, talks about the usefulness of spending 10 minutes a day to maintain the most important part of your body – your mind. A great talk in under 10 minutes.

One-Moment Meditation: “How to Meditate in a Moment”

By Lawrence

For those who do not have any prior training in meditation or some other means to clear your mind, like a good exercise routine, when you are not trading, this is a good introduction to very basic meditation. The technique explained in the video is not complex at all. All it takes is your willingness […]