"Politics" Posts

US Election, French Election and German Election

By Lawrence

US election in countdown mode now. Most people including traders cannot help but focus on the potential outcomes of this election. But this election is just the first messed up election among G8. Whatever happens now and after the US election in the United States will likely be mirrored if not exceeded in terms of […]

The Secret Goldman Sachs Tapes: A System That Has No Accountability

By Lawrence

As reported by many major websites including Bloomberg and ZeroHedge, the explosive information of these tapes told us one thing – the system is broken. There is no resolution to this problem. You cannot fix something that is completely broken. This is exactly what I wrote for years – the system is corrupted and that […]

Ukraine Nudging Towards What Russia Wants Update

By Lawrence

I posted back in the beginning of March that the crisis in Ukraine that my first hand information indicates the only thing that really matters is the control of the pipelines. It is proven to be correct and that the mainstream media has been all wrong. I am not sure what their intentions are but […]

Eric X. Li: A Tale of Two Political Systems

By Lawrence

A great presentation explaining why the electoral system is destined to fail.

Essence of Trading: Don’t Blame The Politicians

By Lawrence

The latest fiscal cliff fiasco and the ongoing financial crisis in Europe and Japan spurred a lot of discussion on the net. Some blame it on the politicians not doing their jobs. Some blame these politicians being stupid or "not having enough political will". Personally I do not under what this last phrase means at […]