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Mastery by Robert Greene

By Lawrence

Summary A different kind of self-help book for those who do not want just feel good advice but solid paths that can lead to fulfillment in terms of doing something you are passionate about and being a master of the field you have chosen. I recommend this book to all traders. Book Information Mastery written […]

The 5-Day Momentum Method by Jeff Cooper

By smilingsynic

Summary This seems to be a good mechanical system for trading stocks. Even though it was written in an entirely different market environment, Cooper’s pamphlet contains ideas that still probably work today, if used selectively. His system can now easily be backtested, and I wouldn’t be surprised if such a test would demonstrate that this […]

Hedge Fund Market Wizards: How Winning Traders Win by Jack Schwager

By Lawrence

Summary: One of the better books on trading in the past 5 years. The Market Wizard series has been a staple of the best selling trading books and this new addition to the series is no exception. I would recommend this book to everyone aspiring to make a living from trading. Book Information Hedge Fund […]

Reminiscences of a Stock Operator: With New Commentary and Insights on the Life and Times of Jesse Livermore (Annotated Edition) by Edwin Lefèvre, Jon D. Markman

By Lawrence

Summary The all time classic combined with the excellent annotations done by Mr. Markman has modernized the book for the new generations of traders. This book is a must read. Book Information Reminiscences of a Stock Operator: With New Commentary and Insights on the Life and Times of Jesse Livermore (Annotated Edition) Written by Edwin […]

What’s Behind the Numbers?: A Guide to Exposing Financial Chicanery and Avoiding Huge Losses in Your Portfolio by Tom Jacobs and John Del Vecchio

By Lawrence

Summary: An excellence book written by 2 authors in completely different discipline giving the readers a chance to put some common sense on investing into their heads. Written with normal people in mind, the book is easy to understand with practical advices average investors can utilize immediately. Highly recommended for stock traders and investors. Book […]

Algorithmic Trading and DMA: An Introduction To Direct Access Trading Strategies by Barry Johnson

By Lawrence

Summary: A good introduction to algorithmic trading. It is a guided tour of the algorithmic trading world. It is packed with information if you have the prerequisite background to understand the lingos used in the book. Lacking either one of the two background knowledges, programming / order routing (the technical side) and firm trading, will […]

Manias, Panics and Crashes: A History of Financial Crises by Charles P. Kindleberger and Robert Z. Aliber

By Lawrence

Summary: Must read for those who are interested in understanding market crashes and macro trading. Not as useful for those whose trading or investing time horizon within a week or so. Overall a good book to keep as a reference. Book Information Manias, Panics and Crashes: A History of Financial Crises Written by Charles P. […]

Trading: How Transformative Learning Drives Expertises by Deirdre Lynch

By Lawrence

Summary: An educational course on transformative learning for traders with solid framework. Useful for trading newcomers to enforce a structure into their minds so that they can properly criticize themselves and evaluate their strength and weaknesses more objectively. Recommended for beginners who have trouble in self evaluation and planning on areas for improvement. Course Information […]

Trade Your Way To Financial Freedom by Van Tharp

By Lawrence

Summary: One of the most important books on money management you will ever come across. It is also the trading book that everyone loves to hate. Recommended to all newcomers. Book Information Trade Your Way To Financial Freedom Written by Van Tharp [starreviewmulti id=2 tpl=31 size=’12’ average_size=’24’]

A Gift to My Children: A Father’s Lessons for Life and Investing by Jim Rogers

By Lawrence

Summary: A strongly opinionated book on what is good for one’s life. And the opinions coming from a famous speculator does not help as it is in direct clash against those who believe in playing safe in life. Hence it is not a book for everyone. I like it myself. Book Information A Gift to […]