The Cardinal Climax: My Personal Account Of Its Impacts

By Lawrence

Cardinal Climax is a term coined by astrologists when Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto pretty much forming a big square in the sky at specific positions during the past 7 to 8 years for which it will officially end by this coming week. From my way of describing the cardinal climax, it is obvious that I am not a fan of astrology. It was, however, brought to my attention by a family friend whom insisted I read about it. Here is my personal account of events vs. the symbolization of the astrological configuration in the sky.

At the start of the Cardinal Climax, that was in fact the time my girlfriend’s health turning very bad and she was pretty much giving up hope. I have to give up my software business, halt all trading and focus on taking care of her. Somehow my birthdate falls into one of those prescribed by astrologers as deeply affected by the astrological event. And the implication of drastic change in one’s direction of life did happened to me and my girlfriend.

And then some of the key changing periods mentioned by the astrologers during this time also matches episodes of emergency room visits and complex surgeries. Of which, during this time period, I get to sit down and summarize my understanding of the markets. New ideas on trading technologies emerged as I crossed my field of specialization into learning as much as I can on medical science during this time. This conceptual breakthrough in my mind fulfills another implication by the astrological event.

My girlfriend passed away late last year. As I am going through this mourning period, my understanding of the market internals has deepen yet into a whole new level. It is as if I am transformed into a different person as this Cardinal Climax is coming to its conclusion. This is also part of the implications of the astrological event that those deeply affected will become very different.

Could this be coincidence or the planets really have a say in our lives?

I don’t know. I guess everyone has to decide for themselves in what they would believe in. I am just providing an account of my drastic life experience here.

Personally, I will not start to believe in astrology. Being a day trader, we have to depend our decision making on evidence and their known short term impacts. If I change my belief system, it will affect my ability to react correctly.

On the other hand, if this astrological event did impact my life, I am glad that this damn Cardinal Climax is finally over.


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