To Complete the Art of Chart Reading Project

By Lawrence

I promised myself I would complete the book Art of Chart Reading last year. That did not happen. Upon reviewing the materials I have prepared, I actually can complete it soon if I focus on the project more. I guess it is time to stop procrastinating and get my hands dirty.

The main missing part of the book project is the role of chart reading in trading and more specifically in day trading. I think it is time to address that and complete the project for good. It feels good to have things taken care of.

Once the instructional side of the book is done, I cam proceed to wrap it up on ebook form as I promised to many readers.

The online project itself, however, will be an ever growing series as I get the chance to add new lessons based on actual trading situations. The accumulated knowledge presented in the series will be excellent materials for beginner traders to learn from. I know I should write these lessons more often but I was not organized enough. That will change.


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