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ES Price Pattern 1-2-3_20120317_131103
1-2-3 - The Foundation of Potential Change in Trend  premium content

Part of Art of Chart Reading Summary If there is only one chart pattern you are allowed to learn, 1-2-3 is the one. 1-2-3 is often a reversal pattern that marks the termination of a trend. The pattern is made up of 3 swings where the first and ...


2013 Predictions on Financial Markets (If The World Does Not End Tomorrow)

Others Predictions There are some interesting predictions I have seen that are worth mentioning. First, the one for its entertainment value goes to Saxo Bank's annual "Saxo Bank 10 Outrageous Predictions for 2013" Second, is John Mauldin ...


2018 Year End Special for Bitcoin Owners

Permanent Premium Access From now until the end of this year, you can become a premium member of permanently with just 2 BTC. The premium membership is worth $2,400 a year. The membership pays for itself as you gain valuable insi ...

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Poker vs Day Trading.
5 Similarities Between Profitable Day Traders And Professional Poker Players

I was having fun talking to an old friend who has been playing poker professionally for many years. He is one of those players who consistently making money from playing in poker halls and tournaments but seldom show up in the final tables. During ou ...


5 Things You Need To Day Trade Emini S&P

If you have experience buying stocks or trading other markets, forex included, the transition into day trading emini contracts is not as complex as it seems. Many people hearing the words Emini S&P would immediately associate that with complexity ...


A Big House, A Nest Egg And A Few Triple Bypass

Past few weeks I was visited by many friends and relatives due to loss of my significant other. Many I have not seen for years. Some others, I have never heard of their existence until now. It is a very odd experience. It still hurts inside and I am ...


A Case Study: Aggressive Gap Fill Trading System to Day Trade the E-mini S&P

This is a case study of a trading system presented in the eBook, Aggressive Gap Fill Trading System to Day Trade the E-mini S&P, written by David Bean. The trading system presented in the book is a simple one and the past performance presented in ...


tips20060331 chart
A Comparison of Forex Brokerage Data

Here is a first look at forex brokerage data on a side by side basis. For many beginners who just started trading Forex, this is a very good introduction into the world of dealer market data. Our Chart Here is a chart that shows the spot ra ...

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A Comparison of Hardware Performance on TradeStation Optimization of a Mechanical Day Trading Strategy

In the process of reorganizing my computers for faster turnaround time, I ended up with Tradestation installed across three computers. The thought of comparing the optimization speed on these machines just popped up. So I jumped in getting that done. ...

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A Novel Way To Forecast McDonalds Quarterly Earnings

Every time, when McDonalds was about to miss its earnings, you would see an increase in coupon distribution about 1 to 1.5 month before the quarterly earning cut-off date. When the earnings were projected to beat estimate, the coupons distributed an ...

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