Year of the Rooster Stock Market Forecast

By Lawrence

imageI presents to you the 5th annual stock market forecast based on the Chinese 19-year solar lunar cycle. This is the year of the Roaster which comes after the year of the monkey. Since the cycle actually starts from early February 2017 for 365 days, I picked the date Feb 4th as the start of the projection.

The forecast made last year (2016) was quite amazing as the overall theme of a rising market was spot on with many of the turning points nailed precisely. The expected swing turning point from the US president election can only be described as magically. In short, the forecast made last year beats majority of the financial analysts and gurus out there, again.

Let’s see if we can get some useful clues from this year’s forecast.

I am taking this chance to wish everyone a very happy Chinese New Year!


Dow Jones Industrial Average Forecast for the Year of the Roaster

Here is the daily projection of the Dow Jones Industrial Average using percentage change as the unit.


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Year of the Monkey Stock Market Forecast


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