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Trading Success Blueprint: A Practical Step-by-Step Process for Ordinary People Wanting to Build a Successful Trading Career

Ever wanted to become a successful trader yet struggling for years?

Interested to make a living by trading yet not able to make it happen?

Maybe it is time for you to learn about trading the right way.


What Is Trading Success Blueprint

Trading Success Blueprint (TSB) is a 200+ pages long instruction manual teaching you what you must do to succeed in trading consistently. This manual summarizes my years of experience in training professional and retail traders into a structural approach that you can follow with clear goals and objectives to aim for. TSB takes on a completely different approach to prepare you for the tough trading business. TSB gives you the tools necessary to put yourself on the path towards building a successful trading career.

TSB is a highly condensed manual. If it is done in the format of a seminar or workshop, it will take at least two full days to present the materials. While I could do seminars or workshops and charge you a much higher price, I prefer giving you something that you can hold onto as a reference for years to come. You can look at TSB as the reference manual for a full blown training course teaching you what you need to know about trading.

Fully Disclosed Day Trading Strategies

TSB is mainly written for those who are serious about trading with focus on day trading. Two complete day trading strategies on the Emini S&P (also works with SPY) are disclosed in the manual. Full historical performance and list of all trades are included. The strategies are included so that you have something to get you started right the way. Just the strategies alone is worth the full price of the manual.

Long side strategy performance


Short side strategy performance


First of the Series

TSB is the foundation for all the advanced manuals that I will offer in the future. It will be a requirement for anyone who want to purchase those advanced materials. This will work better for you because you will not be at a total lost when you study those advanced subjects without knowing my framework on trading. This will work better for me as well since I do not need to answer questions that are already answered fully in TSB.


My goal with TSB is to help you make it in trading. I understand that it can be difficult to absorb all the materials in the manual quickly. Hence I will include a 1-month email support of the manual so that you can ask questions when you need to. I will answer these emails personally so you know that you will get the correct answers. I am also offering a scheduled 20 minutes call so that you can talk to me directly on anything related to trading.


Trading Success Blueprint is priced at $2,500 CAD (approx. $1,900 USD)

Existing premium members can get TSB at $1,500 CAD special introductory price. Once the new premium membership rate kicks in by end of June 2018, this special offer will be gone.


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