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Tech Tips for Traders

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Tech tips for traders is a very broad category. From tricks making Windows running faster to securing your internet connection, whenever I think of something useful or encounter some information that is good to know I will share it here.

Send me tech tips if you have one to share!

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One Thing You Must Do on Android Before Going to Places with Limited Internet Connections

In major cities like New York, Tokyo or Paris, we seldom need to worry about the limitations of wifi connections as these places offer great connection speed pretty much everywhere. However, when we travel to places with very limited internet access, ...


Trading with 4K Ultra High Definition Monitors Feels Great

One morning when I tried to turn on my 28 inch monitor, it just turned all white on the screen. I cannot enable its menu system using its control buttons. Turning it off and on again does not help. Resetting the monitor to its default settings does ...


Getting Back The Valuable Screen Space Your Trading Platforms Deserved from Windows 8 and Windows 10

There is one drastic difference between Windows 8 (and Windows 10) and all the prior releases of Windows including Windows 7. It is a feature called dynamic scaling of the elements displayed on the screen. For normal computer users, it is a very nice ...

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How To Setup Windows 8 For Trading

Windows 8.1 is here to stay and it is likely what we are going to get when you go buy a new computer. The problem with Windows 8.1 is that it is not production friendly for anyone who needs a computer for real work. Hence, it is important to make cer ...

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Alternative to Buying New Trading Computers

When traders look for trading computers, many people will choose to buy new computers from brand name stores. Others like to build their own. Rarely, we see people interested in buying second hand computers. Surprisingly, the best deals in buying com ...

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Choosing the Right Computer for Trading

I've been asked many times what to look for in a computer for trading. It's been a long time since I last written about it for someone choosing a laptop for trading, I think it is time to update the information as the development in the technology la ...

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Squidoo: Do This To Protect Yourself From Bogus Cell Phone Charges

I published this long article at Squidoo so that more people can be aware of these cyber crimes and learn to protect themselves. Enjoy! ...

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Flush The Cache - Troubleshooting Internet Access Issues

Having problem accessing certain websites that work perfectly fine before? Cannot login to your bank's online portal which worked fine the day before? You may be suffering from the wrath of the corrupted cache problem. Following are standard procedur ...

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Why You Should Think About Buying A Windows 7 Computer Before Halloween

Microsoft made it clear that October 31st 2014 is the last day you can get computers with preloaded Windows 7 from PC hardware manufacturers. What that means though is that the PC vendors would likely have a cut-off date for orders well before the de ...

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How To Fix The Windows Double Click Mess

Many people experienced this before. You left-click once but Windows turns that into a double-click. Once you start experiencing the problem there is really no solution. For most people it is just frustrations and be careful with your clicks so that ...


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