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E-Mini S&P500 Trading Research Central

I daytrade the emini S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 index future contracts. My inventions on market breadth are specialized in the identification of short term stock market index behaviours. Hence I have a large body of research work done on the index related markets. My take on price movements and price behaviour is not conventional and my research articles clearly reflect that.

When I am not trading and have spare time on hand, I would review my research notes and write up summaries. The process is slow and time consuming. But I know if I do not do so, my research work will stay behind the closed doors of financial institutions. I hope my work will make a difference among retail traders for generations to come.

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Market Breadth Primer: VIX Phenomenon 2017 Edition

I wrote about the Volatility Index (VIX) several years ago explaining why it behaves the way it is. I also presented the idea that understanding the players in the trading game is more important than focusing just on the technical details like the Gr ...

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Year 2017 Reversal Dates for the US Stock Market Based on the 19-Year Solar Lunar Cycle  premium content

Here is the 19-year solar lunar cycle (Chinese calendar cycle) projection on Dow Jones Industrial Average for year 2017. The reversal dates work well with S&P500 and Nasdaq 100 as well. Content Big Picture Visualization List of Reversal D ...

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Trading with Tick Index: S&P500 Tick1K Index Mismatch Leading Signals

To utilize S&P500 Tick1K Index, we can start from its basic properties of being highly correlated to the bar to bar pattern with Emini S&P (and SPY too) on 5-minute chart and also its cleaner trend advantage. From these two properties, I have ...


Introduction to Emini S&P Real-Time Custom Market Breadth

Emini S&P Real-Time Custom Market Breadth is part of the real-time trading tool set for Emini S&P traders and all traders who need a better market timing tool for their day trading need. The first generation Emini real-time custom market brea ...

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Review and Update: Year 2016 Reversal Dates for the US Stock Market Based on the 19-Year Solar Lunar Cycle  premium content

Here is an update to the forecast based on the Chinese calendar 19-year solar lunar cycle for the rest of the year. Content Actual Results vs. Forecast Outlook for Rest of the Year Going into end of January 2017   For the list of the ...

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Year 2016 Reversal Dates for the US Stock Market Based on the 19-Year Solar Lunar Cycle  premium content

The reversal dates based on the 19-year solar lunar cycle (Chinese calendar cycle) have been quite accurate for years since I first observed the behaviour some 20 years ago. Many major moves do start off these reversal dates. Here is the list of reve ...

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Year of the Monkey Stock Market Forecast

I present to you the 4th annual stock market forecast based on the Chinese 19-year lunar cycle. This time, we are looking at the year of the monkey and the historical stock market performance based on Dow Jones Industrial Average. The projection is d ...


Trading with Tick Index: The Advantages of S&P500 Tick1K Index Over NYSE Tick Index

S&P500 Tick1K Index is a custom market breadth index built with a similar principle like the NYSE Tick Index. Since the S&P500 Tick1K Index contains only the S&P500 components, it is cleaner and more robust in terms of trend quality and s ...


Intraday Bias: Emini S&P R1 Reversal  premium content

Morning Reversal from R1 is a short only trading system that works on Emini S&P RTH 5-min timeframe. It is simple and has been working consistently for well more than 10 years. You can read about the basic concept behind from my article, Emini Da ...

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Emini Day Trading: Understanding R1 Resistance  member only

Many Emini traders incorporate the pivot support resistance method into their trading strategies. Yet rarely do we see robust studies done on this classic day trading technique. Many beginner traders learned the concept and fails miserably in utilizi ...


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