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Emini Real-Time Commentaries

radio_250 Emini Real-Time Commenatries is the most unique trading service you would ever see available in the world. As the name suggests, it is dedicated mainly to the Emini traders. During US trading sessions, Lawrence Chan would stream his real-time analysis and valuable insights of the markets to our premium members. By sharing his reads of the current market conditions, traders of all levels get to benefit from his timely and objective analysis. Many of our premium members simply call this the most valuable trdaing tools they ever have.

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  • Instant updates with scalable architecture making sure the messages are delivered quickly all around the world
  • Participation welcome similar to chatroom
  • All messages are timestamped and saved in the archive
  • Use in combination with the Real-Time Price Level Tools and the Real-Time Trading Assistant
  • Great learning tool for beginners to get a feel what goes through the mind of a professional trader in real-time
  • Excellent tool for professional traders who need quick objective read of the current market conditions

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latest archives (members only)

9:20:11 LC: Morning. Yesterday as expected going all the way back upto 38 crime scene

9:21:03 LC: Today as long as ES successfully defend PWL there is a good chance we are going to see P…

9:21:17 LC: the bullish scenario is now in place

9:32:59 LC: 2nd gap down day

9:33:59 LC: as long as AL holds, looking for gap fill above,test of PDH and more

9:36:11 LC: gap filled

9:39:57 LC: AM tagged

9:43:05 LC: if yesterday day were the 1st leg, we are looking at a potential parabolic move to 52-56…

9:46:40 LC: AM rejected, back to fight at unchange

9:47:58 LC: AL and PWL test in play
9:52:45 LC: got AL with NQ leading to the downside

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Trading foreign exchange on margin carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors.
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