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Trading Is Tough

Trading is a skill that requires exceptional self-discipline and objective reasoning based on proper understanding of the markets. It is not something that can be taught easily through a course or learned from reading just a few books. It takes time to become a profitable trader and the duration varies from person to person.

Even professional traders need help to reduce their workload. Daily analysis of the markets takes time. New research ideas are not easy to come by. It is nice to offload part of the routine analysis tasks to a reliable research partner.

We Can Help

At we offer the tools essential for traders to lean on so that they can work their way towards a successful trading career at a faster pace with fewer setbacks.

Pro traders find our daily reports insightful and time-saving. They can better direct their energy and focus on monitoring the markets and finding trading opportunities.

Our proprietary trading tools and services offer you:
  • Effective Trading Techniques
  • In-Depth Daily Market Bias Reports
  • Real-time Trading Signals and Market Biases
  • All Analysis Backed By Extensive Research and Backtesting

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Your Concerns

Some traders find our service priced much lower than many “signal providers” or “trading chatrooms” and have doubts about the quality of our service. We understand that trading is difficult and it is not easy to stay profitable consistently. Our goal is to help our members becoming profitable and staying that way. Charging at very high price while giving false hope to people is against our principle.

Some traders are skeptical whether our service is useful to them. We think it is a good thing to question that. Our suggestion to those who have doubts about our service is to sign up as a free member and review the daily reports and transcripts of the real-time commentaries. The discussion of the signals and trading setups can be easily referenced with the charts provided. They will give you a good idea what to expect.

We are confidence that you will find our products and services of great value to your trading success. You can cancel your subscription any time with no question asked.

In my over 55 years of trading, from floor trader to screen trader, Lawrence Chan stands alone with the breadth of market knowledge he demonstrates every day in his chat room and on his website. In particular, the Premium Services offer statistically tested strategies and tactics that I have not found available anywhere else. They are money in the bank! Spooz, Florida U.S.