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MBO Issue 121 (January 2022) Let’s Pray

By Lawrence

Content Review Euro Long Term Up Channel S&P Not Ready for Serious Correction Yet Gold Need a Reason to Move Bitcoin Hanging on a Thread 10-Year Note Can’t Lie Big Picture Summary Review Euro stunned and stuck at the neutral zone as expected. Powell and gang defended S&P going into 2021 year end right on […]

MBO 2017 Annual Issue: Bold Predictions on Currencies, Gold, Bonds and Stock Markets

By Lawrence

Last year I posted my year 2016 predictions on various financial markets and it was very well received. Instead of doing it occasionally, I am making it part of the Market Bias Observer newsletter this year. Enjoy!   Content Scorecard for My 2016 Predictions Nothing Happens Independently Currencies Heading Towards a Vortex Gold Two Opposite […]

MBO Issue 59 (Nov 2016) Special Update 2

By Lawrence
MarketBiasObserver Special Update

Dec 1st, 2016 special update on stock market, bond and crude oil.   (premium member only content below)  

Applying STOPD on US 30-Year Bond Futures

By Lawrence

I was asked if STOPD works with US 30-Year Bond Future. Instead of a simple yes or no answer, I think it is better I show some charts to illustrate the point. Following are several charts of the US 30-Year Bond Futures (symbol ZB) with STOPD price levels. Weekly STOPD Price Levels on 20-min RTH […]

If you think silver margin hikes was bad, see this.

By Lawrence

Irish bond margin requirement is now 65%, increased from 55%. Notice is given 1 day in advance only. http://www.lchclearnet.com/risk_management/ltd/margin_rate_circulars/repoclear/2011-05-25.asp Saw this from zerohedge here.