"BREXIT" Posts

Post Brexit World

By Lawrence
negative graph

As of this time on Friday, S&P500 has repaired all its losses after Brexit. Yet, British Pound is trading near the post Brexit low which is some 12% lower while Euro has repaired half of its losses. The volatility index (VIX) has its steepest decline within a week over the past 20 years. What is […]

MBO Issue 54 (Jun 2016) Special Update

By Lawrence
MarketBiasObserver Special Update

Jun 26, 2016 Special Update for S&P 500 and Euro. The BREXIT outcome from last week produced very volatile reactions across all the major markets. The custom breadth pointed us at the right direction to look for downside breakout only. Now that we have confirmed weaknesses, what are we supposed to do?   (premium member […]

Brexit and Its Immediate Impacts

By Lawrence

So much buzz on Brexit yet majority of people are not even aware of what it is. Seriously, many people I talked to this week do not even know about it. Maybe it is due to lack of interest of current events (i.e. record low viewership on news programs). Maybe normal people are just not […]

Signs of Trouble by Brexit on June 23, 2016

By Lawrence

My members shared with me notices they’ve received from their brokerages regarding increase in margin requirements going into Brexit on June 23rd. I have received several notices myself too with similar message. This will further cut down the liquidity in all the major markets and induces even higher volatility post Brexit vote. Check with your […]