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Social Trading: Hot Alternative Trading Style

By Lawrence

Social trading is the new hot trend in retail trading that can only happen in dreams before the Internet. As oppose to just following the advice of market gurus or newsletters, people are taking this to the next level. Let’s take a look at the idea itself and see if it is something that you […]

Be Aware of Last Trading Day Fees and Inactivity Fees

By Lawrence

For some brokerages, they are starting to charge a Last Trading Day Fee that is imposed by the clearing firms. It can amount to $200 or more for contracts that are deliverable. Check with your brokerage to see if you are subjected to the rule. If so, then remember to mark down the dates that […]

A Comparison of Forex Brokerage Data

By Lawrence
tips20060331 chart

Here is a first look at forex brokerage data on a side by side basis. For many beginners who just started trading Forex, this is a very good introduction into the world of dealer market data.