"Psychology" Posts

Defensive Money Management Explained: When Your Trading Style Fails

By Lawrence

Quite a number of fund manager and pro trader friends have experienced significant drawdown so far in year 2017. Partly thanks to the uncertainties of the current geopolitical environment, these veteran professionals all have expressed their frustrations with their performance. On the other hand, their observations and responses to the current situation they are facing […]

Self Reflect to Success

By Lawrence

I love listening to others, especially young adults, about their dreams. Not that I am a crazy guy trying to mess with their minds, but my sarcastic nature (I prefer calling that dark humour) often drives these young people (and grown ups too) through the roof. What I find out is the lack of self […]

False Sense of Security and Reality

By Lawrence

Talked to many people lately who said they are now interested in buying a safe to put in their homes. Some of them heard the news about Japanese people have bought so many safes that many places are out of stock. Some of them learned that in Europe the trouble caused by the refugees has […]

How Strong Is Strong Enough

By Lawrence

Last year when I was training my son on some classic exercise routines, the topic of how strong one has to become so that it is sufficient for normal and unusual situations was raised. I responded with an interesting set of answers. I am sure many people who exercise regularly would love to know about […]

Managing Oneself

By Lawrence
Wha, wha, what!!??

I received quite a number of emails lately from young adults, who are aspiring in becoming professional traders, seeking for advice. Most of them are looking for pointers on what books to read, what courses to take and what trading related knowledge they have to acquire. I asked quite a number of questions about themselves […]

Nurture from Within To Improve Your Life in Anything

By Lawrence

Those whose career is stuck in their field, including many beginner traders, often seek for help with a narrow focus on acquiring specific skills to advance their careers. Yet, what I learn from helping many others is that skills and knowledge in specific domain can only carry a person a bit further. The better solution […]

Habitual Coffee Drinking

By Lawrence

I used to drink a lot of coffee. Back in the days when I was trading pretty much 7/24 on all the major markets, drinking coffee was a necessity. There was no energy drink back then in case you are thinking about alternatives. Although I was a heavy coffee drinker during the college days, it […]

The Growing Concerns About Predictability of the Financial Markets

By Lawrence

It is nice to be back to the modern world where internet is actually functional. One actually has to experience the inconvenience to appreciate how great the internet is nowadays. Learned quite a few tricks to deal with bad internet connections and I will post them in coming weeks. For now, it is catch up […]

Self Improvement Starts From Studying Yourself Literally

By Lawrence
Boy doing homework.

I have worked with many people in improving their trading performance. I have also worked with people to improve other areas in their lives. Leaving the more technical psychology stuff aside, one thing that stands out in those people who can help themselves into doing better, be that health related or financial well being, is […]

Jon Kabat-Zinn: How to Feel Comfortable in Your Own Skin

By Lawrence

A good summary on the reasons for which we should learn mindfulness practice. Being able to put yourself just a tiny step away from your emotions, you can do much better mentally. For traders, it is one of the best tools to improve our trading performance. As you transform into a more mindful person, you […]