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HBR’s 10 Must Reads Boxed Set (6 Books)

By Lawrence

Summary Must read for all independent traders who like to grow their trading business. Book Information Harvard Business Review’s 10 Must Reads Boxed Set (6 Books) [starreviewmulti id=2 tpl=31 size=’12’ average_size=’24’]

The Practicing Mind: Developing Focus and Discipline in Your Life by Thomas M. Sterner

By Lawrence

Summary Before people talk about grit or the importance of deliberate practice, there was Thomas Sterner advocating the importance of focusing at the moment to build your skills and overcome challenges. This book is a must read for anyone who need a practical framework to achieve more in life. Book Information The Practicing Mind: Developing […]

Mastery by Robert Greene

By Lawrence

Summary A different kind of self-help book for those who do not want just feel good advice but solid paths that can lead to fulfillment in terms of doing something you are passionate about and being a master of the field you have chosen. I recommend this book to all traders. Book Information Mastery written […]

Eraser: A Trader’s Essential Privacy and Security Utility

By Lawrence

Summary A professionally implemented application for secure file removal on Windows. It is fully integrated with Windows and has all the features one would look for from such utility. You cannot beat the value of this software because it is free. Highly recommended for all traders who store sensitive data on their computers. Product Information […]

Club EWI from Elliott Wave International

By Lawrence

Summary Club EWI is a good free service for traders interested in learning something about Elliott Wave Principle and its application in trading. Sign up is easy and it will give you immediate access to various free courses online. I recommend this to all beginner traders. Service Information Club EWI – Free Membership with Online […]


By Lawrence

Summary The best overall best text editor you can find for handling all kinds of tasks related to text manipulation. Feature rich with consideration on user experience as a priority, NotePad++ outshines most if not all the text editors available out there. As a surprise, it is free too. Product Information NotePad++ All Purpose Text […]

The Art of Mental Training: A Guide to Performance Excellence by DC Gonzalez

By Lawrence

Summary Regular trading psychology books written by doctors and trainers focus too much on trading and ignored the fact that the ability to master our emotion requires practice and training. This book covers the topic with practical advices and techniques that the readers can use to train their minds properly. It is also a book […]

Connors on Advanced Trading Strategies by Laurence A. Connors

By smilingsynic

Summary: A decent collection of trading strategies that comes, at least in terms of trading books, at a fairly higher sticker price (close to $200 new). That does not mean that the book is necessarily overpriced. At a cost that runs less than 4 ES points, one could well use some—but not all—of the strategies […]

Forex Price Action Scalping: An In-Depth Look into the Field of Professional Scalping by Bob Volman

By smilingsynic

Summary: Bob Volman’s Forex Price Action Scalping is one of clearest, most coherent trading books I have ever read. Even though it was not put out by a major publisher, like John Wiley and Sons, it is fast becoming a modern-day classic. Book Information Forex Price Action Scalping: An In-Depth Look into the Field of […]

Hedge Fund Market Wizards: How Winning Traders Win by Jack Schwager

By Lawrence

Summary: One of the better books on trading in the past 5 years. The Market Wizard series has been a staple of the best selling trading books and this new addition to the series is no exception. I would recommend this book to everyone aspiring to make a living from trading. Book Information Hedge Fund […]