The Emini S&P Day Trading Course

Immersion Learning from Consistently Profitable Day Trading Strategies

Stuck with mediocre day trading results after learning from the gurus?
Want to master day trading Emini S&P systematically and effectively?

The Emini S&P Day Trading Course is the Answer

With a well designed day trading framework to follow and ready to use day trading strategies that are fully backtested with more than 20 years of consistent trading performance, you will learn to trade better and faster without the burden of traditional trading educations.

Below are the Table of Content screenshots from the course manual:

What You Need to Strive

The secret to consistency in making money from trading is not about having a magical indicator or some mental training that enable you to see the future. It is all about knowing exactly what to do and how to do it consistently.
What’s better than learning from consistently profitable mechanical day trading strategies in actions?
Once you have seen how they work and learned from them, you will never go back to the old unscientific way to “train” yourself.

Fully Disclosed Profitable Day Trading Strategies

The course includes ten mechanical day trading strategies that you can start trading them manually or use the provided code to trade them automatically. The equity curve of their performances speak volume.

The historical performance reports of all these strategies are provided in the support page.

Tradestation Code Included

The trading strategies and indicators mentioned in this course are provided without additional charges. Latest revisions to the code will be provided online. You can start working with the strategies immediately.

Versions of the trading strategies for other platforms will be released in near future.

Lifetime Free Update

To make sure The Emini S&P Day Trading Course can help you day trade Emini S&P successfully, I will continue to update the course with new materials and provide webinars so that you can stay on top of the game. You can download the latest edition of the course manual and participate in the webinars to keep yourself updated with latest development in Emini S&P behaviours and market dynamics.

Expertise on Call

To help you complete the course, I am offering 1 year of email support with every purchase absolutely free. In addition I am happy to offer 20 minute one-to-one phone call where I can clarify any questions you may have about my unique approach to day trading. Perfect for ensuring that when you start to trade with your own money, you always do it right.


Lawrence, it’s going to take me a year to digest everything you’ve packed into these pages, but I’m already certain it’s the most practical trading manual I’ve ever encountered. In fact, I’m trading more confidently, less emotionally, more successfully in the weeks since I started reading it. I should add that I’m doubly impressed with the clarity of the presentation. I’ve no doubt that anyone who buys your Emini Day Trading Course and applies its lessons will see a massive ROI on the purchase price. Well done, sir, and thanks!
Peter O.


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