Forex Trading Open Secrets: Euro Dollar Simplex Trading Systems

By Lawrence

Simplex was created along with several other models long time ago to provide daily guidelines to a group of forex traders who worked with me long time ago. These models are still working fine through the turbulent years since 2008. I think this set of trading models a good starting point for all traders to understand what mechanical bias is all about.

The Daytrade Model

Following is EURUSD 24 Hour chart with dollar gain per $10K lot (small lot size) in the bottom panel. The amount of money made is not that much on the first glance. But if you know that it only traded 93 times over 2500 trading days, with almost 70% winning rate, you would understand why it is a superior trading setup all by itself.

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  • MidKnight October 17, 2012 at 7:14 pm

    Thanks Lawrence – I’ll definitely be doing some exploration.

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