MBO Issue 75 (Mar 2018) China’s Way to Prepare for the End Game

By Lawrence



  • Review
  • Euro Still Have Months of Congestion to Go
  • S&P Pullback / Consolidation Mode
  • Gold Waiting for Something to Happen
  • Big Picture Summary



Euro getting stuck at the same place since last issue thanks to a very confusing environment. This going nowhere action however, is simply because of the price level being trapped by a long term resistance and the strong upside momentum that is still in force. Nothing unusual.

S&P made a beautiful pullback as explained in last issue and stopped neatly at our highest support for higher timeframes. Volatility picked up as projected. No surprise there either.

Gold fighting for the survival of its bull market on weekly. It is still sitting at the support zone mentioned last issue.

Overall no surprises anywhere if you read the charts properly.


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