Year of the Monkey Stock Market Forecast

By Lawrence

monkey5I present to you the 4th annual stock market forecast based on the Chinese 19-year lunar cycle. This time, we are looking at the year of the monkey and the historical stock market performance based on Dow Jones Industrial Average. The projection is done from 2016 February to 2017 February because switch of the Chinese Zodiac signs usually happens in the beginning of February.

The forecast made last year provided quite a number of turning points that have some uncanny accuracy worth our attention. Specifically, the steep drop in January this year is clearly projected by the forecast while we see nothing from the mainstream media and famous financial analysts telling us that was going to happen.

Maybe this year we are going to get some useful clues from the forecast too!

Happy Chinese New Year!


Dow Jones Industrial Average Forecast for the Year of the Monkey

Here is the daily projection of Dow Jones Industrial Average using percentage change as the unit.


For the exact reversal dates check out the follow up article here.


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  • skippy February 4, 2016 at 2:56 pm

    What is this based on? Are algos progrqammed around the 19-year Chinese lunar cycle? What are yoiu implying here? I don’t understand.

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