Tools We Use To Build This Site

NeoTicker is a financial data analysis platform developed by TickQuest Inc. It can be used in many different ways just like Excel. It is highly customizable to fit specific needs. For example, a particular firm may use it for research purposes, while an individual trader would use it for real-time charting and order automations.

Research results presented in this site is based on our research conducted with NeoTicker and custom tools we have built around it.

More information on NeoTicker.
Information on TickQuest Inc.

WordPress is the platform that makes it all possible – create a complex website quickly, add dynamic contents easily, and customize thru plug-ins (both readily available ones and those we developed ourselves).

It is hard to imagine how we can create this website without WordPress.

To find out more about WordPress, you can visit their official website here.

ServInt is the hosting company for our website. Out of the many hosting companies we have worked with, ServInt is the best. Great support and service. If you are interested in setting up your own website / private remote data storage, or just not satisfied with the web hosting service you are using right now, definitely give ServInt a try.

To learn more about, visit their site here.