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Writing Your First Trading Plan

By Lawrence
writing your trading plan daytradingbias.com

One cornerstone in achieving trading success is the completion of your trading plan. I am not talking about a vague idea you have in place on how you engage the market. I am talking about a solid written plan that describe all aspects of your trading. This plan is what you would follow during trading […]

Happy Chinese New Year

By Lawrence
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This coming week is Chinese New Year. Many Asian markets will be closed. This in general leads to light volume trading in other markets as well, making it a good time to take a break to reflect on what happened in the past lunar year and decide what to do this coming one. I posted […]

Not Everyone Trades the Same Way

By Lawrence
Concept of strong competitor

I was asked many times what I do when I am coaching traders. It is an interesting question because there are many answers. I think laying out some of the things I do will provide a better picture. I Need To Know You I usually need a lot of details from you on various aspects […]

Changes To Ask a Trading Question

By Lawrence

I was pretty much overwhelmed by the amount of time I spent on working on various projects. To solve this problem, I have reviewed my work schedule in details and consulted a few friends about scheduling work that involves attention to many things. I need to prioritize my time so that things are done more […]

Next Set of Trading Signals and Models for Emini and Forex

By Lawrence

Just an update on where things are in terms of site development at this point in time. It’s been couple of months since I started my coaching / mentoring service. To call this two months hectic is an understatement. I ended up spending at least double the amount of time I planned to. I have […]

More Thoughts On Coaching and Mentoring Service

By Lawrence

Thank you everyone for contacting me about my coaching and mentoring service for traders. The best word I can use to describe the response is overwhelming. At this point there is a waiting list for couple of months with others booking well into the future at specific time more convenient for the traders. As I […]