The Next Phase of Daily Market Breadth Monitor

By Lawrence

The server side changes I talked about last time has resolved the main problem affecting our daily report generation. From here is onward we have to fix the individual symbols having update issues and the new design will be complete. The side effect of solving this main problem is enabling us to update the charts in daily market breadth monitor consistently without the prior problems. Talking about killing two birds with one stone!

Note: No birds are hurt during our server update.

Now that this long standing issue is out of the way, I can finally take it to the next phase – the short term forecasting of market risk based on market breadth signatures on the current market environment.

This project was put on hold and stuck at the initial stage for a long time. Now that I am freeing up my time, it is a good time to push the development forward.

My vision for this next stage is allowing normal people interested in the stock market to be aware of the potential market risk in near term so that they can make informed decision when they are thinking of engaging the market. Think of it as a weather forecast system for the stock market you will get what I am trying to accomplish.


  • Han777 February 26, 2015 at 11:41 pm

    My felt need precisely! Do you visualize intraday risk appraisal on a minute by minute basis in order to help with trade entries and exits?

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