Trainers and Trading Coaches

To repeat several points made in the beginner’s guide,

  • If you are completely new to trading, then it is much easier to learn it from someone who have the experience
  • If you know that you are not a decisive person, or that you do not have a lot of discipline, having a trading mentor helps a lot in getting you thru the beginner phase
  • Given a good mentor, be prepared to empty your mind, keep your mouth shut, and listen carefully
  • You will not be able to absorb anything if you do not pay attention and keep an open mind on new ideas
  • Some people just cannot learn from their own mistakes, they just cannot. These individuals, if they cannot swallow their pride and give themselves into training programs offered by good mentors/trainers, they should forget about trading, or any form of risk taking.

Following is a list of trainers whom we have worked with for quite sometime and that we hear pretty consistent positive feedbacks.

Check them out and see if you are comfortable working with one of them to guide you through your learning process.

(listing in alphabetical order)

E-Mini Futures Day Trading Course

Learn to swing trade stocks, options and ETFs

Training for Traders