Interesting Effects of Taking Blackstrap Molasses as a Dietary Supplement

By Lawrence

iStock_000013538097XSmallI started taking blackstrap molasses as a dietary supplement about five years ago. I did that not because of me reading some information from random sources on the net about the benefits of blackstrap molasses. I did it to show my support for my late girlfriend who started taking it back then as recommended by other cancer patients. If you are thinking about blackstrap molasses being a miracle drug for curing cancer, sorry you guess it wrong. My girlfriend did it because she wanted to counter one of the side effects of the cancer medications she was taking – turning her hair all white.

Ever since then, many people around me started taking blackstrap molasses as well when they learnt about the wonderful benefits I am getting. Here are some of the benefits of blackstrap molasses from my personal experience and also the effects as reported to me over the years.

  • I do not have much grey or white hair at all even though my father does when he was my age
  • I still have a lot of hair comparing to my father or older brother when they were at my age
  • one male friend has not only hair growing back, he eats less, no longer needs his morning coffee and his belly fat is now mostly gone
  • one male friend does not show hair growing after taking blackstrap molasses for several months, but his life long difficulties with bowel movement has been completely corrected
  • one female friend getting better sleep after taking blackstrap molasses for a few months and her dependency on sleep pills has ended
  • one female friend having some of her white hair growing back into its original colour after taking blackstrap molasses for like half a year

I am not saying blackstrap molasses is a cure all answer for everyone. There is one female friend who took blackstrap molasses for about two weeks and she started having bleeding on her lips due to easy cracking of the skin in that area. Once she stopped taking blackstrap molasses, within days the cracking stopped. Obviously not everyone gets the benefits from taking blackstrap molasses.

Another interesting fact about blackstrap molasses is that no one can agree on the taste. Some people like me find it tastes sweet. Some told me that they find it tastes salty. Some others told me they have this tinkling feeling on their tongues when they take blackstrap molasses.

All these people including me take just one spoonful of blackstrap molasses in the morning. Blackstrap molasses is not something expensive and you can find it easily at supermarkets or places that sell baking ingredients. Blackstrap molasses is something I highly recommend everyone to try.


  • MidKnight August 5, 2016 at 8:06 pm

    Thanks for the post LC,

    Are you just taking it a spoonful straight in your mouth or are you mixing a spoonful in something else?

    I’ll give’er a go!

    With kind regards,

  • Lawrence August 6, 2016 at 11:30 am

    Almost all the people I introduce this habit take blackstrap molasses a spoonful straight . Myself, however, take it with my coffee (and something stuff mixed in as well).

    In the beginning, many people find the taste of blackstrap molasses “unusual” and that they prefer finish it quickly. Only one lady says it tastes “great” and eat it slowly like tasting candy =)

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