My Disturbing Birthday Week

By Lawrence

Wha, wha, what!!??Posted on Wednesday on what happened to my friend. Am still handling her matters until early next week when her brother comes back. The words “being affected” cannot fully describe how I feel. I guess “deeply disturbed” better explain the state of my mind. Many thoughts sparked in my head and I like to share these thoughts.

This is my birthday week. Observing something so disastrous happened out of the blue makes me feel vulnerable. What if something similar happens to me? Have I done enough to handle the aftermath? Maybe I need some comprehensive body check up. Maybe I need to take my exercise and diet routine up a notch to prevent things like this happening to me.

Legal Docs

So I did what most people would do – I actually dug out my continuing power of attorney and my will for a complete review. I have not done something like this for almost a decade now. What I find out is truly amazing. Both my continuing power of attorney and my will have to be revised completely. So many things happened over the past few years making many of the provisions written in them no longer applicable. Law changes over the past 10 years also affecting the effectiveness of these documents I prepared long time ago.

Happy time for my estate lawyer for sure.

An Observation of My Diet

During this week I cannot follow my usual diet. Instead I have to grab whatever is available at various locations. So all these take out food with pasta, rice and noodles are stuffed into my body. I have not had so much carbohydrate for a long time. An obvious effect I feel is that these food are making me sluggish.

This is not a joke. I can feel a drastic slow down in both my mind and my body after eating these food for a few days. Maybe I should tell beginner traders to watch out their diet too based on this personal experience.

Interesting Story About My Birthday

My mother told me this story long time ago. When I was born, my mom found out she has no one attending to her at the hospital. She was in pain but everyone disappeared for a long duration. She did not know why. According to her maybe it is something supernatural.

Well, what my mother did not know was that on my birthday, it was the first time human landed on the Moon (i.e. Apollo 11). TV was on and off broadcasting the recording of the event all day. Everyone wanted to see the footage themselves hence no one remember to take care of my mom and probably me.

I guess I picked a pretty bad day to start my life, eh.

My birthday wish is that for the rest of the year my plans on various projects can go smoothly. I think it is not too much to ask for, isn’t it?


  • melvyn July 22, 2016 at 8:47 pm

    Happy bday to you LC on your birthday week…. May your projects go through smoothly and be fit and healthy always ! Have a blessed time !

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