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Stress-Free Trader (The Lawrence Chan Blog)

Full time index & forex trader, occasional consultant to hedge funds / institutions, my work leads to my not so normal view of the financial markets. My blog mostly talks about trading, market behaviours and other musings.

Originally this blog is supposed to be organized in a separate website like what most authors do but I don’t think I will maintain it properly that way. So here it is as part of this website.

In case you are curious of what I do outside of blogging here:

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Snow? What Snow?

2014 Nov 19 Wed 16:33:55 | by Lawrence Chan

Snow in Buffalo, NY

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But north of Buffalo there is Toronto. And no snow, yet.



Lucky! =)


Death, Taxes and Paperwork

2014 Nov 13 Thu 21:34:14 | by Lawrence Chan

During this time of grieving to cope with our loss, one thing we never imagine is the amount of paperwork to deal with.

It turns out it is not that easy to handle the final matters for someone in our modern society. There are endless number of calls to make and forms to fill to cancel all kinds of registrations, accounts and records. I was told that many people are overwhelm by the burden that they often choose to abandon the effort to tie these loose ends. Hence all kinds of records are floating around as if those people are not passed away.

Think about it.

How many facebook accounts belong to people who are no longer with us?

How many bank accounts are left with no one to access them at all since World War II?

Interesting questions that someone may have answers to.

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Not Playing With Fire

2014 Nov 9 Sun 7:24:33 | by Lawrence Chan

Thank you everyone for sending in your kind words during our time of loss.

I may have missed some of the emails this week due to not being able to clean the inbox on time. Sorry if I have not replied to your messages.

This week I am still bounded with duties that will occupy the normal business hours that varies from day to day. My schedule will allow me time to do some work in the wee hours and in the late afternoon. I will coordinate with my programmer to complete the several real-time assistant signals for both Emini and forex.

I will try to post some morning commentaries whenever possible. You can expect more articles to be published soon.

Throwing myself at work, even at a slower pace, is going to help me going through this transitional phase.

One thing I will not do is trading, at least for a while.

I have this kind of experience before when my SO faced life or death situation in the hospital several years ago. Even though I can carry myself through the situation which lasted for a month, making all the right decisions for her (she was unconscious), the aftermath was that my mind was so overwhelmed by emotion that even prolonged meditation everyday can only recover my mind to normal daily activities. Once trading was threw into the mix, I had noticeable delay in decision making.

I have learned the performance issue was caused by my brain being flooded with emotion triggering hormones. The delay of the brain’s ability to react is similar to a computer’s CPU overheated. Depending on the level of overload, it takes days for the brain to get back to normal sensitivity. Many things can help speed up the process like doing exercise and meditation. Being able to have good sleep also helps. Forcing oneself to activities requiring high concentration, however, can worsen the problem.

I think it is good to share the experience I gained here even though it is very personal – knowing when to stop trading is as powerful as any money management techniques can offer you.

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Off For The Week

2014 Nov 2 Sun 9:26:32 | by Lawrence Chan

My SO has passed away. I need to take care of family matters this week.

Please direct all questions related to DaytradingBias.com to sales@daytradingbias.com. Someone will assist you.


Short Term Schedule Changes

2014 Oct 31 Fri 4:56:38 | by Lawrence Chan

Due to family emergency, I will need to spend most of my time away from trading and writing in coming few weeks.

I will not be able to reply to emails quickly so if there is something related to daytradingbias.com that you need immediate attention please email sales@daytradingbias.com for faster response.

I have just posted a very long article on the principles in engaging gaps. It is something complex and I was sitting on that for a while with adjustments made here and there. I guess it is better to post it first so that premium members can spend some time with the concepts and provide some feedback on the topic before the trading signals are added.

Thank you everyone for your understanding.

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2014 Oct 28
Time To Slack Off 2014 Update

Last week my trading goal for the year was reached. It happened so early partly because I have a modest goal this year. The main reason, however, was the swing play for the market correction worked out nicely. At this point, it is time for me to slow …

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2014 Oct 15
Ebola Has Been Spreading … So Are Email Virus

Today at the Toronto General Hospital there was this sudden alert sound went off. I thought to myself what kind of emergency that they need to catch everyone’s attention like that. Then a very serious voice came through the PA system. I cannot rem …

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2014 Oct 9
Major Surge In Traffic to DaytradingBias.com

I was told we’ve got significant inflow of traffic hitting DaytradingBias.com since S&P turned lower from September. It is not just some more people. I am talking about a lot more people. Many times more people than we used to see on a daily b …

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2014 Oct 5
Advertisement Networks: Another Business Eco System Normalized

The other day I wrote about Google and its complicated relationship with its adwords clients and adsense partners. That was just the start of our effort to revise and streamline the website. Simply put, I have hired a team to update the website so th …

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2014 Sep 30
Day Traders: The Heroes In Crumbling Financial Systems

Bloomberg published a story about CIS, a successful day trader in Japan. You can follow the link at the end of the post to read his story. It reminded me of another famous Japanese day trader BNF who was made famous back in 2005. You can read about h …

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