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Stress-Free Trader (The Lawrence Chan Blog)

Full time index & forex trader, occasional consultant to hedge funds / institutions, my work leads to my not so normal view of the financial markets. My blog mostly talks about trading, market behaviours and other musings.

Originally this blog is supposed to be organized in a separate website like what most authors do but I don't think I will maintain it properly that way. So here it is as part of this website.

In case you are curious of what I do outside of blogging here:

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More Changes to the Site

2014 Sep 16 Tue 23:36:47 | by Lawrence Chan | No comments yet

I’ve decided to add two sections to the site. One for emini and one for forex.

This should make it easier for our members and visitors in navigating the site easier as many find that the current organization of premium section with categories of items not very easy to use.

The premium section will still be there. The new sections are created so that there is another way to access the articles, trading tools and daily reports based on the markets they are related to.


I am still waiting for BMO on my cell phone here to see what is going on with one of my credit cards. It was declined earlier today but it was working fine yesterday. 2 hours 45 minutes into the call and I am still stuck in the queue.

Could this be BMO Bank of Montreal major f-up again like what happened back in May?


Being a cautious person, I cannot just give up on the call and assume everything is fine. It is better be safe than sorry if something bad actually happen to my credit card.

It is interesting that Canadian companies, especially the big ones, rarely (well, never is the better word) acknowledge their problems.

Could this be the reason why they are losing customers to their international competitions all the time?

Update: 3 hours plus I was finally connected to BMO’s customer rep. Yep, their computer system has f-up again. I was told to “try” using the card later in the day to see if service is restored. The customer rep is helpful and tell me right the way the problem is at their end. Good customer service right there. It is the management that should seriously think about better communication and fixing their damn system!


Next Project: Emini Specific Trading Tips and Tricks

2014 Sep 4 Thu 12:53:14 | by Lawrence Chan | No comments yet

I have a long list of questions and requests that are specifically about Emini day trading. Many of them are very much recurring questions like “I am interested in day trading. What is this Emini you are talking about? Please tell me more about it.” It is quite difficult to keep up with all the questions so I promised to write about them.

So far I have written a few articles on the subject covering the general questions people have in mind:

Is day trading Emini better than day trading stocks?

How much money is needed to day trading Emini?

Is day trading income sufficient for someone with not much capital?

How do I get started day trading Emini?

All these questions have answers on the net already. I guess my readers just like to get the answers from me to reassure them that what they have gathered elsewhere is true. I am very flattered that my readers have put so much trust in my opinions. It feels heavy too because putting out the answers to these questions means they will be depended upon for the beginners in making their decisions in giving day trading a try.

I did my best to provide the most thorough answers I can come up with. It is definitely better than answering these questions individually which often ended without the more in-depth discussion of these subjects.

Since I have now answered the general questions about Emini trading, it is time to deal with the specific technical questions raised all the time. These articles are actually easier to write because I have answered many of them in real-time commentaries. All I have to do is gather the information and expand the answers.

I am sure these tips and tricks on emini trading will be very useful for many traders.

If you want to remind me to write about certain things on Emini, comment here or email me.


Daily Cheatsheets for Crude Oil and Other Markets

2014 Aug 29 Fri 14:45:13 | by Lawrence Chan | 6 comments so far

To answer the requests for daily cheatsheets on crude oil and other markets, I need more input from those who are interested in them.

The main issue with crude is that the front month / most active contract do not always stay the same from year to year. It is the very natural of commodities that have strong seasonal effects. It is very often that people are trading both contracts at the same time (i.e. spreads). That means I need some time to think of a way to produce a version of the daily cheatsheet to handle the commodity markets properly.

There should also be specific tools made for these markets too because there are unique trading opportunities related to them that are not available in the index markets.

Input on this idea will help me sort out what is more important and what is not.



Thank You For Your Support With The Testimonial Request

2014 Aug 27 Wed 10:26:33 | by Lawrence Chan | No comments yet

Since I posted my requests for testimonials, I have received many testimonials through email from our members.

Many thanks for all your kind words, praises and encouragements.

I have taken notes on your special requests too. I will be addressing them each separately in coming weeks.

For those who like to send in their testimonials, you are always welcome to do so by sending them to me at lawrence@daytradingbias.com


Talks About STOPD

2014 Aug 25 Mon 12:13:10 | by Lawrence Chan | 1 comment

One of my readers forwarded a discussion of Special Theory of Price Discovery (STOPD) in a private trading forum to me.

It is interesting that none of them have actually read the book and all comments are speculations of what STOPD actually is. I am quite shock that comparisons were made to Fibonacci support resistance levels, Elliott Waves, etc.

As the author / researcher who discovered STOPD, it is pretty disappointing to see STOPD is compared to those trading methods.

As a trader, however, it feels funny and even joyful knowing that the ignorance among majority of the traders continue to stay strong.

The conflict of interest in me is beyond description.


Earthquake in San Francisco Bay Area

2014 Aug 24 Sun 13:36:56 | by Lawrence Chan | 3 comments so far

A 6.0 earthquake hit San Francisco earlier this morning.


As I posted last year about sunspot and earthquake, the number of earthquakes and magnitude of them is expected to rise.

So far, the uptick in number of earthquakes greater than magnitude of 5.0 is the longest chain in recorded history.

Historically, as long as there is no earthquake of magnitude greater than 5.0 happening within a 2 weeks window, the chain would be broken and overall seismic activities will die down. However, since end of last year, there has been a continuous chain of earthquakes. Not something good to see for anyone living in the Ring of Fire region or any other earthquake-bound zone.


As mentioned a few times before, DaytradingBias.com was under heavy attack by hackers for a while.

The measures we’ve taken has dropped the impact of workload on the website to manageable level. What we have not mentioned was that the attacks never stopped. Under these circumstances, we have taken the security effort to another level. We’ve added traps to detour the hackers into thinking that they have really hacked into our site, but in fact they have landed in a fake site so that we can find out the intentions behind these hacking efforts.

What we’ve found out is very interesting. As oppose to normal hacking bots that loot for pictures, client records, etc. These bots are trying to find the source of the trading signals.

Why? I have no idea.


I assume these hackers read my blog so here is a message for you:

Please stop the hacking. There is absolutely no point to attack my site because the trading models are not generated on the server hosting the website. The signals and market bias reports are generated on a private server with only outgoing means. It is a waste of time to attack the website as it will not lead you to what you want.


My site designer thinks that featuring some testimonials from our premium members will be a good thing for the site.

I am asking for our premium members to send me testimonials about our service.

You can email me directly at lawrence@daytradingbias.com


Why Is Trading Emini Getting Easier?

2014 Aug 20 Wed 9:37:43 | by Lawrence Chan | No comments yet

I can sum it up in one simple chart.


Anyone actively trading emini knows that the market is now mainly driven by bots, small & large hedge funds and big institutions. These players are all so predictable, I guess we can call this the golden era of emini trading.

Yet, from the chart above, we can see that the term emini is no longer something people search for. The continuous down trend is very clear since year 2009. As we all know, retail players are often on the wrong side of any market. The decline of their interest in Emini trading is clearly the best thing that can happen to those who are serious about making a living by trading Emini S&P.


BTW, correct spelling means nothing in the modern day internet driven information society.


At the current rate, in a few years no one will search for the term E-Mini, which is the official name for the mini contracts traded at CME. LOL.


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