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Stress-Free Trader (The Lawrence Chan Blog)

Full time index & forex trader, occasional consultant to hedge funds / institutions, my work leads to my not so normal view of the financial markets. My blog mostly talks about trading, market behaviours and other musings.

Originally this blog is supposed to be organized in a separate website like what most authors do but I don’t think I will maintain it properly that way. So here it is as part of this website.

In case you are curious of what I do outside of blogging here:

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The Next Phase of Daily Market Breadth Monitor

2015 Feb 26 Thu 18:26:17 | by Lawrence

The server side changes I talked about last time has resolved the main problem affecting our daily report generation. From here is onward we have to fix the individual symbols having update issues and the new design will be complete. The side effect of solving this main problem is enabling us to update the charts in daily market breadth monitor consistently without the prior problems. Talking about killing two birds with one stone!

Note: No birds are hurt during our server update.

Now that this long standing issue is out of the way, I can finally take it to the next phase – the short term forecasting of market risk based on market breadth signatures on the current market environment.

This project was put on hold and stuck at the initial stage for a long time. Now that I am freeing up my time, it is a good time to push the development forward.

My vision for this next stage is allowing normal people interested in the stock market to be aware of the potential market risk in near term so that they can make informed decision when they are thinking of engaging the market. Think of it as a weather forecast system for the stock market you will get what I am trying to accomplish.

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Server Side Issue Turned Out To Be Design Issue

2015 Feb 20 Fri 6:29:54 | by Lawrence

Thanks to Arthur, the poor guy who has to fix the daily report update whenever it is not working, took the time to track down the problem. He finally figured out the obscure reason that caused the random problem of reports not uploaded. It turned out it is a design issue, meaning that it is all my fault.

In the beginning, the report generating server was never meant to do more than a few simple things. Hence the process of report generation was created with an ad-hoc solution. Over time, however, as more and more responsibility is placed onto the server, the scheduling become a mess and conflicts among the scheduled tasks started to happen from time to time when they do not complete on time.

Yesterday, we tried out an alternative way to schedule the tasks to see if it can work more efficiently.

Looks like we have a good solution on hand to take care of the problem for good.

Another lesson learned – taking a dirty shortcut to get something done in the beginning is never a good idea in the long run.

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Not A Clue On Video Capturing

2015 Feb 7 Sat 10:03:05 | by Lawrence

I have been trying to setup a computer for video capturing through a trading session for several days now.

It turned out to be something more complicated than I thought if I like it done in certain ways (like capturing a pair of screens separately, etc.). There is also the post production thing that either I have to do it myself or having someone to take care of it.

Something I like to experiment on but it is going to take more time than I originally thought.

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More Thoughts On Coaching and Mentoring Service

2015 Feb 5 Thu 7:29:01 | by Lawrence

Thank you everyone for contacting me about my coaching and mentoring service for traders. The best word I can use to describe the response is overwhelming. At this point there is a waiting list for couple of months with others booking well into the future at specific time more convenient for the traders.

As I explained in my prior piece, Next Phrase In Life, this service came out of an idea. Although I have extensive teaching experience of various kinds in my prior line of work, my current expectation is that the coaching and mentoring service will be a short term offering. I do not know down the road if I will be working on something that takes my full time attention. Hence, for now, I am committing 2 years into this service.

The reason of offering this service is simple. I believe trading skills can be trained. Hence I like to see if I can help other traders to become better traders.

p.s. I am updating the Coaching / Mentoring Service For Retail Traders page with a Question and Answers section.

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The Benefit of US Dollar Rally

2015 Feb 2 Mon 8:40:47 | by Lawrence

US Dollar made a move against Canadian Dollar (Loonie) last week. Loonie forced to test its highest level over past 10 years.

To put it in perspective, we are talking about a whopping 10% jump since the end of December and a enormous increase of 20% from the beginning of year 2014.

First thing I did last Friday was rush to the bank before it close to convert a large portion of my US dollar trading income from year 2014 back into Loonie.

Thanks to the insanity of the central banks, my trading objective this year is just 20% closer without extra work.


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