Splitting Up the Site

By Lawrence

iStock_000003464820XSmallFirst thing that is going to happen to the restructuring of DaytradingBias.com is moving my blog to its own domain. The time has come that it is actually better to have a separate site because of several reasons. And these reasons are not necessary purely functional or business driven.

The primary reason for splitting up the blog to its own site is that I do not write just about trading in my blog. There are many topics I like to cover but I was also warned by many pros that it will send a mixed message to not just my readers at DaytradingBias.com, but the search engines as well. For those seeking for trading related materials, my blog sometimes can make them feel like my site is about health and fitness, or even politics. For search engines, based on the mix of contents, they are often misled to classify DaytradingBias.com as a portal. This one is a business decision.

Another reason for splitting up the blog is that I like to write about many things outside of trading. I do think there are certain things I know can be interesting and useful to others. As a separate platform, I get the freedom to write what I want without the hidden boundaries I have to impose on myself. This one is a personal decision.

One other important reason why splitting up the site can be a good idea is that it will allow my team to revamp everything within the site into one that focus on the SaaS (Software as a Service) aspect of the site. After all, DaytradingBias.com is now evolving into a full function service for the premium members. It is natural to take it to the next level offering better usage experience for the premium members.

The last reason mentioned leads to a big issue. Namely, such level of total reconstruction of the site can easily break the existing services in place. I have my team carefully planning out the steps to do the modifications but I am not sure if it is going to workout smoothly. Last time, the server migration was such a disaster I am still terrified by the experience. Hopefully, we do not mess things up too much and get things done quickly in coming months.

Have a nice weekend all!


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