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By Lawrence

3d small people - wave of moneyPast few weeks my schedule was completely messed up. I could not even keep my regular posting over the weekend. And it looks like it will stay this way for some time into next year …

Real-Time Custom Breadth Chart for Emini S&P Going Alpha

The real-time custom breadth tool for Emini S&P will go alpha early October (keeping my fingers crossed). Instead of my original more aggressive plan to deliver it with many features. It will be simple and functional. From there all premium members can give me feedback to see where we are going to take it. It will also give me idea on what to write about the various custom breadth trading techniques.

It was one of the most frustrating developing project for us all here. From not enough server power to difficulties in securing internet connections to our website for real-time updates, every little adjustments were met by more setbacks than making progress. So I made the decision to put the more complex prototypes on hold and asked my team to give me the barebone version ASAP for alpha release. And here it is.

Consolidation of Funds and the Start of a New Fund

Mentioned quite a number of times already that I am obligated to help out close friends and family members to manage their risk capitals. I have now formally formed a company with my business partner to put everything under one company to detach the investment and trading from my personal accounts. The good thing with this approach is that I can structure an example trading account as a demonstration on how some of my trading models work with clean audit trails.

The setting up of corporate accounts for trading can take some time to do as many paperworks have to be filed during the application process. This means the expectation is that official launch of the demo will be more likely to start in first quarter of 2017.

For the swing trading and short term investments decisions that will be made on daily and weekly basis, I will see if I can make the watch list of potential trades to be made available to premium members here. This is like an extension to what we are offering already with Market Bias Observer newsletter but more active with specifics on each individual stocks or markets. It may not come with a lot of explanations but it is not intended as teaching materials. To learn my trading methodology one can check out the website for the information. The trade ideas will be useful for seasoned swing term traders and investors.

Busy Busy Busy

Although I am encouraged by my existing clients to move on to active management of my own firm, I still need to work with them to rearrange my role with their family offices. This means I will have to schedule my travel in coming months to handle the transition quickly so that I can focus on the new projects. Hopefully this time my internet access will be much better than my last travel experience.

From being busy to very busy, I can foresee a very exciting year ahead already.


  • WeeklyOF October 1, 2016 at 6:34 pm

    is the custom breadth – S&P500 Tick1K Index on intraday basis? will this be broadcast as a chart? Looking forward to it

  • MidKnight October 2, 2016 at 7:51 pm

    Hi Lawrence,

    Will you be including DAX breadth?

    With kind regards,

    • Lawrence October 4, 2016 at 4:41 pm

      I have the custom breadth collected but I need a separate set of servers to publish the real-time chart. So, short answer is not yet.

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