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NDX EOD_20120312_145336
Nasdaq 100 Special Rebalance and Its Impact

Nasdaq 100 is a weighted index with the 100 stocks having the largest market capitalization listed with Nasdaq. When a particular stock, or stocks, having a dominant presence such that the index is no longer a good representation of the top 100 stock ...

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Defensive Money Management Explained (Part 6) - The Crash and Burn of a Winning Trading Model

Part 6 of the series - The crash and burn of a winning trading model ...


MBO Dow_20120212_144013
United States Election Year Better for the Stock Market is a Hoax

Heard too much bullshit on this topic lately so let's clarify this issue once and for all. Following is a chart with 2 distributions. Top one (middle pane) is the distribution of yearly net changes in percentage since 1929. Bottom one (bottom pan ...


ES 24 Hours 30-Min Distribution Study 4_20120212_032412
Emini S&P Afterhours Behaviour Part 3 – Distribution Study on AH Range  member only

AH Range Distribution Following is the distribution of AH range for Emini S&P since mid 2005. [DTBMember] Important observations from the distribution. 1. There is no mistake that it is a classic t-distribution. The right side count spi ...


ES 24 Hours 30-Min Distribution Study 3_20120207_181436
Emini S&P Afterhours Behaviour Part 2 - A Simple System Exploiting the Basic Up Drift Bias  member only

A simple trading system that exploit the up drift bias that happens in afterhours. The System The rules are extremely simple, Go long by 4:30 pm (for some people this is important due to holding position from regular trading session requires fu ...


ES 24 Hours 30-Min Distribution Study 2_20120207_082243
Emini S&P Afterhours Behaviour Part 1 - Distribution Study on AH High and Low

A series of articles on Emini S&P 500 afterhours characteristics, biases, and trading strategies. A Look at the Price Distribution Following is the price distribution of, AH High - AH Open (2nd pane) AH Low - AH Open (3rd pane) The cha ...


Price Pattern Example_20120129_140222
Examples in Reading Charts Using Basic Chart Patterns  premium content

Part of Art of Chart Reading Straight to practical applications of the basic chart patterns. Use Measured Move to Identify Price Targets Measured in 2 different ways back in late 2010 to early 2011 gave you the same price move. Isn't it wise to ...


Trading with Probabilistic Mindset  premium content

Many people have weaknesses in decision making related to matters that are probabilistic in nature. Trading is exactly the kind of activity that requires many probabilistic decision making. Trading decisions are complex in nature because future of th ...


Why Trading Skill is the 21st Century Survival Skill?

Being a trader was not something to be proud of back in the 1990s or 2000s. People calling retail traders, and specifically retail daytraders the black sheeps, gamblers, etc. The bad reputation came from people who do not really know how to trade. Pu ...


Essential Chart Patterns  premium content

Part of Art of Chart Reading Here is the core set of chart patterns I find essential to get a grip of any markets I follow. Each pattern that has an article written to explain how it works will be linked to the article. Not Just Another Site w ...

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