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iStock_000001603593XSmall Latest research and articles on trading and day trading related matters. Research mainly focuses on Emini and Forex markets. You will find in-depth research on trading techniques, market biases and trading signals that you will never read from anywhere else. You can always find something useful to improve your trading here.

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Trading with Probabilistic Mindset  premium content

Many people have weaknesses in decision making related to matters that are probabilistic in nature. Trading is exactly the kind of activity that requires many probabilistic decision making. Trading decisions are complex in nature because future of th ...


Why Trading Skill is the 21st Century Survival Skill?

Being a trader was not something to be proud of back in the 1990s or 2000s. People calling retail traders, and specifically retail daytraders the black sheeps, gamblers, etc. The bad reputation came from people who do not really know how to trade. Pu ...


Essential Chart Patterns  premium content

Part of Art of Chart Reading Here is the core set of chart patterns I find essential to get a grip of any markets I follow. Each pattern that has an article written to explain how it works will be linked to the article. Not Just Another Site w ...

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Introduction to Chart Reading

Two opposing views on chart reading dominate the trading world and the public in general. Many people think that price charts are just fancy presentations of historical price data that has no real analytical value. Others take chart reading seriously ...

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Stop the Madness – Stop Asking for Guru Opinions Whether Something is a Buy or Sell  premium content

Part of Art of Chart Reading Many people likes the comfort of guru opinions, especially when that opinion agrees with their own. When the guru opinion, even if it is a great one, when reduced to a buy or sell, will loose most of its meaning and li ...


ES Double Top
Double Top  premium content

Part of Art of Chart Reading [DTBMember] Summary Classic technical price pattern featuring 2 swing tops that stopped at almost exactly the same price. Once the neckline is breached to the downside with the neckline turning into resistance, you ...

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Price Pattern Euro 2
Wyckoff Up Thrust / UpThrust  premium content

Part of Art of Chart Reading Summary Wyckoff Up Thrust (a.k.a. Wyckoff thrust, w. thrust) is a terminal pattern for an uptrend. It is not a type of false breakout. It is not double top or other classic topping formations. Wyckoff Up Thrust is uni ...


Bear Flag  premium content

Part of Art of Chart Reading [DTBMember] Summary Bear flag is one of the most common price patterns appearing in charts of all timeframes. Bear flag is a continuation pattern in a downtrend. It is useful to identify the pattern early in its de ...


Mailbag: Stop Trading When You Are Tired

Received a subscriber's question together with his trade records organized in an Excel file. He asked how he can improve his trading performance as he is very frustrated that there seems to be a barrier blocking him from performing better. Make no ...


Quantum Mechanics and HFT

Quantum Mechanics sounds like it has nothing to do with High-Frequency Trading (HFT) except the fact that they both have sound bites coming from an alien planet. However, if you examine the concept of HFT closely, you would be surprise that some prin ...

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