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Usual Strategies Used to Pop the Stock Market

When the stock market is selling off in panic mode, the authorities would step in. It is not something new. It is not personal. Things are done in the name of calming or stabalizing the markets. Although these measures may not be effective at all, ...

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S&P Credit Rating Cut on United States Initial Reactions

Initial reactions to the rating cut is exactly as predicted - target evaluation changes across the stock market indices, bonds, etc. by famous brokerage firms. The all too normal reactions from the Fed and G8, G20 officials also happened. Fede ...

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Implications and Direct Impacts on S&P Rating Cut on United States

S&P officially cut the rating of United States from AAA to AA+ with negative outlook. You can read reports on that from the following sites, ZeroHedge Reuters As a trader I do not really care what the hell it will do to the economy around ...

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S&P Week Range Behaviour

A simple statistical exercise showing how S&P weekly trading range is closely related to and affected by its prior week’s trading range. The Distribution Following is a distribution chart of the weekly trading range represented in percentage te ...

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Inside Gap Behaviour

This is the second instalment on emini S&P gap behaviour. The first one is Outside Gap Behaviour, Now and Then. Inside gaps are gaps that do not have the open price printed outside of the previous trading day range. Fashioned in the same style ...

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Lunar Cycle - Long Only Model  member only

I have one of my guys worked on this and here is the result of a trading system based on lunar cycle that looks like it works. ...


ES 5-min QE Buy_20110617_154157
Impact of Quantitative Easing on Stock Market Indices

Everyone on the street talks about Quantitative Erasing and that it is messing up the markets, causing inflations, etc. Can we really identify the characteristic change in the S&P that distinctly separate its behaviour from its normal self, or, is th ...

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Outside Gap Behaviour, Then and Now

Many traders who daytrade emini S&P probably are familiar with the gap fill bias. What I am going to show here is how a particular type of gap fill, outside gap, has changed over time. Gaps are created when a market open at a price different from ...


Gap (Up) and Go Failure  member only

One very reliable pattern showed up today (Jun 13, 2011) in Emini S&P that worths a more detailed explanation. The Setup
  • Market down more than 2 to 3 percent from previous month close
  • Market gap up but within previous day trading range
  • Tried to gap up and go (i.e. rally off open at once) but stopped after 15 minutes
  • Then the next hour trapped within OR (open range or the first 30 minutes)
  • Extremely bearish $tick reading all along
  • Last swing down coming off VWAP


Lunar Cycle – First Look

Many people would like to believe that there exists mystical cycles that they can use to unlock the secrets in the markets. Here is an introduction of lunar cycle and its applications on timing the US stock markets. Basics Lunar cycle in genera ...


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