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Excel sheet
Average Range vs. Average True Range - Which one is better?

Many traders talk about ATR which stands for Average True Range, but from time to time you see indicators and technical analysis based on the Average Range, AR. So what's the difference and which one is better? What is Average Range The range ...

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Equity chart
Open Range Breakout Daytrading System

Open range breakout system is a well known concept. It is a variation of the classic N-bar breakout system. This concept is so widely talked about because it works. I will show you a new twist of the concept that is never discussed anywhere else. ...

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Trading System 101 - Part 2

Most beginners like to ask the experts what moving averages they use, what oscillators are better, and are there some magical indicators that the experts are willing to share? What about the more immediate questions - How am I able to trade a ...

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Price moving avearge 2005
Moving Average Is More Than What You Think - Part 1

Many traders after being in the business for couple of years will start to dismiss many things they have seen, be that moving average, stochastics, MACD, etc. To these traders, these indicators are just useless, lagging, and somethings simply mislead ...

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Do you need a mentor in trading?

If you do not believe in using or working with trading systems, then naturally you are a discretionary trader. As a discretionary trader, it takes a lot of time to learn the art of trading and many beginners fail because they do not know enough basic ...

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One size fits all?

A lot of people asked this question many times - is there a trading system that works on all instruments and can be traded in real time with no change to the parameters at all? The answer is plain and simple - no. Trading systems are inherent ...

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What profitable trading systems are made of ...

Most of the trading systems available in public are even not profitable or written by beginners. These systems are likely over optimized and not good for incorporating into your own usage. As someone who has been working with real life trading s ...

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Trading System 101 - Part 1

Before you can create a trading system that you can trade in real life, you need to understand a lot of basic things about trading system. If you are willing to spend some time understanding the basics, it will likely save you a lot of time and energ ...

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