"Site Development" Posts

My Blog Has Moved

By Lawrence

My blog posts will now be hosted at my new site, TheLawrenceChan.com My first new blog post is there already. Older posts will be migrated to the new site over time. Direct links to the older posts will be arranged.

Splitting Up the Site

By Lawrence

First thing that is going to happen to the restructuring of DaytradingBias.com is moving my blog to its own domain. The time has come that it is actually better to have a separate site because of several reasons. And these reasons are not necessary purely functional or business driven. The primary reason for splitting up […]

Major Changes to DaytradingBias.com

By Lawrence
Past and Future - Two-Way Street Sign

After lengthy discussions with my team on various aspects of DaytradingBias.com, I have arrived at the conclusion that we are going to streamline the overall design of the website. Instead of keeping it more portal like with various areas accessible from the home page, we are going to revise it so that it delivers a […]

20 Years of Research and Development Finally Accessible by Retail Traders

By Lawrence

This week is very important to me. More than 20 years ago, I successfully created the first real-time custom market breadth index across the S&P100 components on a Windows computer. There were many failed attempts due to many technological obstacles before I overcame them one by one. Over the years my custom market breadth engine […]

More on Site Changes

By Lawrence
3d small people - wave of money

Past few weeks my schedule was completely messed up. I could not even keep my regular posting over the weekend. And it looks like it will stay this way for some time into next year … Real-Time Custom Breadth Chart for Emini S&P Going Alpha The real-time custom breadth tool for Emini S&P will go […]

Server Migration This Weekend

By Lawrence

We are moving our signal and report generating servers to a remote data centre this week. Report generation should not be affected at all. If the new servers are not able to handle the workload next week we can easily switch back to our production servers here as they are running in parallel at the […]

Finding the One Thing I am Best at

By Lawrence

Mid-year is often the time of the year that I slow down my pace with work. It makes sense for me because trading volume is greatly reduced during the summer months. My trading strategies work best when the trading environment has more types of participants in the game. Hence, I know I have to be […]

Internet Access, Trading and Writing

By Lawrence
little human,big magnifier

Another week of torture by my ISPs yet no solution offered by them. Internet stability is critical to my trading business and I am not able to control this one factor after so many years. I guess moving to another country with better internet infrastructure is the best way. For now, I have to spend […]

Canadian Internet Infrastructure

By Lawrence
Comic Bomb

This week I could not get stable internet connection for 2 days in a row. I am not talking about having only one internet service here. I have backup solution and backup solution behind my backup solution. I pay for them to ensure my trading is not going to be affected by hiccups with an […]

Focus on What Matters Most

By Lawrence

Went through quite a number of deliberations with my site designer, programmers and other concerning parties about the direction of the website. No precise conclusions on what has to be done but reasonable observations about the website are agreed upon. The actions that I choose to take based on the information I gathered will shape […]