STOPD Visualization Explained

STOPD Levels are Useful but …

When we are not working with just one timeframe or resolution of STOPD price levels, things get a bit more complicated. When we want to consider all the timeframes and their respective price levels to find out clusters of STOPD levels that will likely produce important reaction in prices, it gets very complicated.

And it is where STOPD Visualization can help. By plotting all the price levels we are interested in onto 3 charts – one as an overview, one focuses on weekly, and another one focuses on the intraday price range, we can easily spot the important price levels quickly and prepare our trading day accordingly.

Following is an example of the daily updates of STOPD Visualization. The charts are made a bit shorter in height so that you can read them easier on this page.




Each column of price level markings represents one specific timeframe. (Y)early, (Q)uarterly, (M)onthly, (W)eekly, and (D)aily timeframes are showing on the charts. When a specific price level or price zone is having a cluster of markings, you can tell that the price level is more important than the other ones.

We have created STOPD Visualization so that our members can utilize the STOPD Levels information better. If you would like to access the STOPD Visualization daily updates across the supported symbols, sign up now for free.