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top secretMarket Bias Observer is our monthly newsletter. Every month, I discuss my view and outlook on the major markets around the world with focus on euro dollar, S&P 500 and gold.

Regular issue is published by the end of each month. Special updates are published whenever I find unique trading opportunities available.

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Track Record

Year after year, I have made many great calls and provided long term play ideas that worked out very well.

To name a few:

2012 – the breakdown of gold back in late 2012
2013 – rally of euro in early 2013
2014 – euro top by early 2014
2015 – euro spike top mid-year will lead to retest of year low later same year
2016 – gold tradable long starting this year
2017 – last quarter stock market breakout play
2018 – stock markets transition into higher volatility
2019 – gold to explode higher
2020 – stock market top by end of Feb for at least 15-20% correction
2021 – gold going to consolidate for a long time and called the BTC top
2022 – stock market to enter bear market and BTC going lower

My specialization in market breadth analysis enables me to pretty much nailed all the significant pullbacks, swing tops and bottoms in S&P500 every year since my newsletters was first published.

There is no magic or blind luck with my calls. They are thoughtful analysis with careful detective work done to ensure my readers and myself are on the right side of the market.

Latest Issue

Latest issue is scheduled to release over the weekend (or the Monday) right after the US Non-Farm Payroll Report.

MBO Issue 142 (November 2023) No Fear