Weekly Cycle Projections Explained

Based on our advanced Intraday Cycle Projection model, enhanced by seasonal bias adjustments and strength analysis of the individual up/down swings, we have created a very powerful cycle projection tool that can show you how the overall price movements of the coming week will look like.

Using automated cycle analysis, traders can avoid the pitfall of subjective opinion in guessing which cycle is working at the moment. The trader can then focus on the potential magnitude and timing of the swings to better position themselves in taking advantage of the trading opportunities.

By having the analysis results readily available from our website, there is no need to install any software. The time and energy saved allow you to focus on the planning of your trading strategy for the coming week.

Here is an example showing how the Weekly Cycle Projection works.

Following is the weekly cycle projection of the symbol QQQ (Nasdaq 100 ETF) for the week of April 25, 2011.

The following is how the week has unfolded.

Notice how closely the 2 charts are resembling each other. Remember that the projection was done purely based on data available before the projected week of trading.

It is not magic. It is simply the power of good cycle projection.

Cycle projection is not perfect, just like any other trading tools. When you find that in the beginning of the week the swings are not matching the projected formation, then you know the originally dominating cycles are losing grip of the market you are tracking. You can then adjust your trading plan accordingly.

For your convenience, previous projections are provided so that you can tell how well it works over the past several weeks.

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